A/C Service, Repair, and Replacement

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A/C Service, Repair, & Replace

Faithful Comfort has over 80 years of combined experience servings, repairing, and replacing A/C units for residential and commercial facilities. Our team specializes in all things related to HVAC, whether you need a quick repair, annual maintenance, or a complete replacement, we’ve got you covered. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our customers, working diligently to get your A/C unit working properly quickly and at an affordable rate.

We are honest with our work and pricing – no hidden fees, no extra charges, you pay exactly what you are quoted. Our knowledge and expertise of A/C units far surpass that of our competitors in the region. We have seen it all and worked on it all which means we are the team to call when your A/C unit needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced altogether.

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A/C Service, Repair, & Replacement

Faithful Comfort is a local family business that has been serving the Lexington area for over 8 years. Lexington & the surrounding cities have trusted Faithful Comfort with all of their home and office heating and AC needs.


A/C Service, Repair, and Replacement

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How often should I have my A/C unit serviced?
We recommend getting your A/C serviced annually. Getting your A/C serviced each year will help keep it running efficiently while also making sure that little problems are fixed before they become bigger problems.
Q2. Why won't my A/C turn on?
There are a lot of reasons why your A/C unit might not be turning on. Sometimes it can be as simple as a popped breaker or it could be as serious as needed a completely new system as yours is outdated and no longer functions. Faithful Comfort specializes in servicing, repairing, and replacing A/C units. We can assess the issue and have your A/C unit repaired quickly at an affordable rate.
Q3. Why is my A/C not blowing cold air?
There are many reasons why your A/C unit is not blowing cold air but the most prominent reasons are a dirty filter, dirty coils, low refrigerant, capacitor, or compressor
Q4. How long do A/C units last?
A/C units can last anywhere from 12-15 years depending on how you care for the unit. If you get it maintenanced annually, there is a higher chance that the system can last close to 2 decades. Annual services can help catch small problems before they become large, costly issues.
Q5. How long does it take to replace a residential A/C unit?
It typically takes Faithful Comfort 4-6 hours to replace a residential A/C unit.
Q6. How long does it take to replace commercial A/C unit?
It typically takes Faithful Comfort 1-3 days to replace a commercial A/C unit.
Q7. How can I better maintain ac for longevity?
Change filters every 30 days, keep vents clear, and regular professional maintenance.
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